Wednesday, 26 December 2012

My Alfresco Devcon 2012 Summary

2012 has been an exciting year. I left Madrid and moved to London to start working at Net-a-Porter. Net -a-Porter is an important fashion retailer on the Internet who is using Alfresco as an important piece within the e-commerce business. Also I had the chance to attend my first Alfresco Devcon in Berlin! I have to say I enjoyed it. Mainly because I could talk to Alfresco engineers, to meet with Alfrescian from the Alfresco forums and the community, to learn new things about Alfresco and the future, to eat good food, to drink good beer and to dance!
Here in this post I would like to leave the most important points, thoughts and comments from the talks I attended in the conference. I hope others find it useful.

As I am playing and trying the new Alfresco's features from the talks in the Alfresco Devcon I will go updating this entry :) So far you can find my feedbacks for the talks below.  


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